In cooperation with other community leaders, a fund has been established with the Community Foundation of Marshall County to provide an opportunity to give to support long-term rebuilding efforts and community needs in Marshalltown due to the July 19, 2018, tornado.

According to the Community Foundation Executive Director, Dylan Does, “The Marshall County Community Foundation is dedicated to helping people help their community. During this trying time, we have seen the power of this mission in action as our community has come together to help our neighbors in need. While this outpouring of support is humbling, we know the needs of the community will be substantial and ongoing. Gifts to the Rebuild Marshalltown Fund will be used for the significant rebuilding that lies ahead. Our community will desperately need support to regain the tragic losses we’ve incurred and thanks to gifts to this fund, support will be here to make investments where it is most needed.”

Those interested in donating to the Rebuild Marshalltown Fund can give online at

or checks can be mailed to:   

                                    The Community Foundation of Marshall County
                                    11 N. First Ave.
                                    Marshalltown, IA. 50158

If you have any questions, you can contact Dylan Does, Community Foundation of Marshall County Director, via email.