2021 CFMC Grant Awards

Central Iowa Sea Cadets                                        Trees Forever

Fraternal Order of the Police                                 Friends of Riverside Cemetery

Heart of Iowa Big Brothers Big Sisters                 Marshalltown Auditorium Foundation

Marshalltown Federation of Women’s Clubs      Marshalltown Softball Association

State Center Fire & EMS                                           YSS of Marshall County

Click here to see the 27 grants awarded to 19 organizations 2021 Grant Awards

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Over the years we have awarded 568 grants totaling over $1,444,815 to 137 different organizations that serve the citizens of Marshall County.  Those grants have allowed children enjoy playgrounds and little league facilities, provided funding for the Rose Festival and Marshalltown Arts Festival, allowed adults to learn English as a second language, provided fire equipment, a gator to water flower baskets and security cameras to cities and so much more!  Any questions should be directed to Julie Hitchins, Executive Director, CFMC at director@cfmarshallco.org or 641.758.3028.



Click this link to see a listing of grant awards!   CFMC Grant History 2006 to 2021





2021 Student Philanthropy Grant Awards

S.T.E.P. (Students Teaching and Empowering Philanthropy – Marshalltown High School

  • Trees Forever
  • The Bridge Home
  • Marshalltown Youth Foundation
  • Heart of Iowa Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • YSS of Marshall Count

S.E.A.L. (Students Empowering And Leading) – East Marshall High School

  • Child Abuse Prevention Services
  • Common Bond Communities – The Tallcorn
  • Friends of Marshall County Conservation
  • Pioneer Heritage Library
  • Marshall County Extension and Outreach

L.U.C.C. (Leading Uplifting our Community with Charity) – West Marshall High School

  • Central Iowa Sea Cadets
  • Child Abuse Prevention Services
  • Friends of Marshall County Conservation
  • Gutekunst Public Library
  • Heart of Iowa Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • YSS of Marshall County