Grant applicants should note there is a new process for applying for the 2021 CFMC County Endowment Grant.  Please review the grant guidelines noting your letter of intent is due December 1st at Noon.




Click the link  to download the 2021 CFMC Grant Guidelines:

CFMC 2021 Grant Guidelines


Learn more about the 2021 CFMC County Endowment grant process by watching the video below:


Over the years we have awarded 540 grants totaling over $1,360,000 to 123 different organizations that serve the citizens of Marshall County.  Those grants have allowed children enjoy playgrounds and little league facilities, provided funding for the Rose Festival and Marshalltown Arts Festival, allowed adults to learn English as a second language, provided fire equipment, a gator to water flower baskets and security cameras to cities and so much more!  Any questions should be directed to Julie Hitchins, Executive Director, CFMC at or 641.758.3028.




Click this link to see a listing of 15 years of grant awards!   CFMC Grant History 2006 to 2020








Student Philanthropy Community Needs Assessment 

Sponsored by S.E.A.L. (Students Empowering And Leading)     

A lot has happened in Marshall County over the past two years.  East Marshall S.E.A.L. student philanthropy group is currently conducting a needs assessment.  We want to better understand the needs of Marshall County so we can give grant money and our time where it will make the most difference.  Please take a few minutes to tell us the issues that have had the biggest impact on our community and you personally.


Click the “Fill out form” link to begin the assessment            

Fill out form