Rebuild Marshalltown Fund Grant Guidelines

Please contact Julie Hitchins, CFMC Executive Director, at 641-758-3028 regarding your funding proposal.

This opportunity is open to tax-exempt, non-profit entities classified by the IRS as 501(C)(3) organizations, public schools, or government entities. Funds must be used for mid-to-long term recovery and rebuilding efforts in the tornado affected area. The minimum request amount is $20,000. Applicants are required to demonstrate investment in the projects by providing a cash match that is a minimum of 50% of the total grant requested from the Rebuild Marshalltown Fund.


Rebuild Marshalltown Fund Grant Awards

$100,000 – City of Marshalltown – Veterans Memorial Coliseum Renovation

$100,000 – Habitat for Humanity of Iowa – Marshalltown Hammers Back Project

$25,000 – Youth and Shelter Services Marshall County – Building Renovation

$74,750 – 13th Street District – West End Park Open Air Shelter and Landscaping

$18,000 – Marshall County Arts & Culture Alliance – Mural Project Orpheum Theater

$28,000 – City of Marshalltown – Pickleball Pocket Park

$200,000 – Region Six Partners – Matching Grant for Downtown Revitalization

$150,000 – Marshalltown Central Business District – Facade Matching Grant

$35,000 – St. Francis of Assisi – St. Mary’s Window Renovation Project

$14,000 – Arts + Culture Alliance – Sidewalk Poetry Project

$40,000 – City of Marshalltown – State Street Tree Project