To improve the quality of life in Marshall County by building charitable endowments and by addressing critical needs of our communities in partnership with
nonprofit organizations and donors.

Formed in 2005 by a group of passionate and visionary leaders, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary. Over the years we have granted over $800,000 to 100 different organizations. These grants that have helped children enjoy playgrounds and little league facilities, pregnant mothers find prenatal education and infant supplies, adults learn English-as-a- Second Language, and so much more.

You can give today to 25 charitable endowment funds that provide resources for nonprofit organizations and causes throughout the county. You can also start a new fund for a cause about which you are passionate AND you could secure an Endow Iowa 25% Tax Credit on your Iowa taxes.

Our Guiding Principles convey the ideals we strive for in all we do and how we seek to make a difference in our county.

  • We Believe in Accountability and Good Stewardship
  • We Value and Affirm Diversity in its Many Forms
  • We Embrace Partnerships
  • We Honor the Philanthropic Mission of the Community Foundation of Marshall County
  • We Grant for Breadth and Impact