Giving is one of the most personal and important things you can do. It allows you to have an impact on the well being of your community and it expresses gratitude.

By giving you can impact the quality of life for those throughout Marshall County today and in the future. It also gives you a chance to create a legacy in the areas that mean the most to you.

Here are some steps to get you started in creating your legacy.

    Look at your interests and discuss them with your family. Contact the Community Foundation of Marshall County and share your desires to allow them to assist you with exploring all your options and to learn of community needs that might benefit from your interests. Make sure to discuss with your financial planner as well to gain a thorough understanding of the tax advantages.
    Once you determine your goals, the next step is deciding when you want to get started and how much is right for you. In most cases, you will receive tax benefits the year your gift is made. Endow Iowa tax credits can be used for up to five years
    > Learn More About Tax Benefits
    Determine the type of fund that best addresses your needs and interests.
    > See Types of Funds
    > See List of Funds
    When naming your fund, you can use your name, a family name, a corporate name or you may choose to honor someone special by establishing a lasting legacy in their name. The fund can also be anonymous.
    Complete the simple fund agreement with the Community Foundation of Marshall County. The agreement serves as the guideline for grants made from your fund today and in the future once the minimum required contribution is received.

You might decide that you want to build your fund over time. In this case, a Seed Fund is established to allow you to begin a fund on a smaller scale and build it as you are able. An initial contribution of $1,000 and a pledge of a minimum annual contribution of $600 to build your Seed Fund is required to get started. Once $10,000 is accumulated (through gifts and income), the Seed Fund matures to a charitable endowment (most commonly a donor advised fund) from which you are able to suggest annual distributions to support the causes or charities you care about.